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Microsoft Azure Sphere chip for end-to-end IoT security from the Cloud to Network Edge

“MediaTek is a good partner [for Microsoft] to have for its Azure Sphere secure IoT chip,” said Laura DiDio, principal analyst with ITIC. “They will provide a Wi-Fi controller, the processor will run Microsoft’s Linux-based IoT OS and you’ve now got a highly secure, connected device at a decent price point.”

Channel Futures, April 17, 2018

Microsoft Reorganization:

“Microsoft has actually been moving away from Windows and more towards the cloud, analytics and AI for the past ten years,” explained Laura DiDio, an analyst at ITIC. “This did not happen overnight.” DiDio pointed out that Nadella has made major changes quickly during his tenure. “That’s the way you have to move,” to stay relevant, she said. “You’ve got to be agile to stay ahead of the game.”

The changes don’t mean that Microsoft is totally giving up on Windows, DiDio said. But they do mean that Nadella is focusing the company’s energies around stronger assets.

“They’re de-emphasizing Windows,” she said, in order to become a stronger “player in cloud and artificial intelligence, because that’s where the money is.”

CNN Money, March 29, 2018

Failure to deliver reliability and uptime:

“Time is money,” DiDio says. “Systems, networks and connectivity devices are subject to failure. If the downtime persists for any significant length of time, it can be expensive in terms of monetary losses. It can disrupt operations, decrease worker productivity and negatively impact the organization’s business partners, customers and suppliers.

“A security outage of any significant duration can also be a PR nightmare and damage the company’s reputation, causing lost business,” DiDio says. “Reliability and uptime go hand in hand with a comprehensive, detailed backup and disaster recovery plan that also includes an internal operational level agreement that designates a chain of command in the event of any type of service disruption.”

Every organization should have a disaster recovery plan that includes an itemized list of who to contact at vendor organizations, cloud and third-party service providers, DiDio says. “The CISO should also know what the company’s contracts stipulate as the response time from vendors, cloud, and third-party service providers to respond to and thwart security incidents and track down the hackers,” she says.

CSO Online, November 21, 2017

Cal State University and Hartnell College Launching Cohort Program:

“Since 2013, the two institutions have promoted this program as a way to attract minorities, women and students who are the first in their families to attend college to Computer Science and STEM subjects. The Cohort program nurtures these students by having them take their CS classes as a group.” DiDio says. It also helps them adjust more quickly to college life by providing them with group study and life skills classes to help them stick with CS as a major and graduate.

“So far, so good. A 75% majority of students enrolled in the CSUMB/Hartnell CS Cohort program graduate. This is well above the national average of about 30%,” DiDio notes.

ITIC Corp, November 17, 2017

Burger King Ad Creates Whopper of a Mess:

“In the Internet of Things environment, where you can have “an ecosystem or ecosystems of ecosystems interconnected, the attack vector universe is potentially limitless,” noted Laura DiDio, research director for IoT at 451 Research.

The risks are “everywhere, and what you can do is mitigate risk to an acceptable level,” she told the E-Commerce Times — but that requires vendors to make secure products.

E-Commerce Times, April 13, 2017

United Airlines Customer Service Snafus:

United’s behavior was “cavalier and callous,” said Laura DiDio, research director for IoT at 451 Research.

“The deck is stacked against passengers these days,” she told CRM Buyer.

However, this situation “is a PR nightmare for United Airlines,” DiDio added, “and it’s not going away.”

CRMBuyer, April 11, 2017

ITIC, founded in 2002, is a research and consulting firm in suburban Boston. It provides primary research on a wide variety of technology topics for vendors and enterprises. ITIC’s mission is to provide its clients with tactical, practical and actionable advice and to help its clients make sense of the technology and business events that influence and impact their infrastructures and IT budgets. ITIC can provide your firm with accurate, objective research on a wide variety of technology topics ranging from software, hardware, networking, virtualization and cloud computing to the services industries that support the technology, including outsourcing. ITIC’s mission is to help vendor and corporate clients understand the technology and business events that impact their infrastructures and their IT budgets and take action.


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Strategy – Competitive Analysis – Surveys – Market Positioning

Technology: software; virtualization; hardware; emerging technologies
Business Issues: licensing and contract negotiation; compliance; services and outsourcing; Intellectual Property (copyright, patent infringement and theft of trade secrets)


Laura DiDio, Principal, is a highly visible information technology industry analyst, consultant, a professional writer and a former reporter. DiDio has 20 years experience in the high technology industry. She has consulted with all of the major industry vendors including: Apple, Accenture, Avaya, Citrix, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, SAP and VMware.

As principal of Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), DiDio covers a wide range of topics including: virtualization, desktop, server operating systems, OS security, hardware, applications, software management and business intelligence. She also focuses on the underlying business issues such as TCO and ROI, licensing and contract negotiation, Intellectual Property (theft of trade secrets, copyright and patent infringement) compliance and risk assessment and management that impact technology decisions.

Prior to founding ITIC, DiDio spent over six years at Yankee Group, a Boston consultancy, where she held the title of Research Fellow. Before joining Yankee Group, she spent nearly four years as a Research Director at Giga Information Group.  Before that she held various reporting positions at a number of computer networking industry trade publications including: Computerworld, Network World, Communications Week, LAN Times, and Digital Review.

During her 25 year career, she has been an investigative reporter in TV, print, radio and the high technology trade press and has national writing awards.

DiDio also worked as an investigative reporter for various broadcasting and print outlets, including CNN and Channel 5 News in New York. Her investigative reports have also appeared in The Village Voice and The Minneapolis Star and Tribune.

As an investigative reporter, Ms. DiDio traveled the U.S. and the globe uncovering local, municipal and national scandals related to law enforcement, politics, and international drug trafficking and dumping of substandard and dangerous products onto unsuspecting consumers in Third World nations.

DiDio is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and user conferences and is widely quoted in the general press, business and trade press. The last 30 days of her media quotes show her range and depth at communicating with the market.


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