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Vendor sponsored Analyst conferences are oftentimes long on self-congratulatory hyperbole and short on substance. That wasn’t the case with IBM’s Systems and Technology Group Analyst conference held last week in Rye Brook, NY.

The STG conference, led by Rod Adkins, Senior Vice President of the STG Group, showcased the division’s solid accomplishments over the last several years and detailed the current and future product roadmap and investment strategy. Investments focused around three major areas: Systems, growth markets and strategic acquisitions. Adkins could have easily added a fourth category: patents. The U.S. Patent Office granted IBM’s STG division 2,680 patents in 2010 and it could exceed that number in 2011. One only has to scan the headlines and peruse the ongoing patent purchasing frenzy and the plethora of lawsuits involving all of the major vendors to realize the pivotal role patents play as both and offensive and defensive weapon. IBM, in its Centenary year, holds more patents than any other U.S. technology vendor.

STG 2011 Milestones

Noting that STG is aligned with IBM’s overall growth strategy, Adkins detailed the division’s milestones throughout the first three quarters in 2011. They included:

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