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Over 95% of large enterprises with more than 1000 employees say that on average, a single hour of downtime per year costs their company over $100,000, over 50% say the cost exceeds $300,000 and one in 10 indicate hourly downtime costs their firms $1 million or more annually.

Moreover, for a select three percent of organizations, whose businesses are based on high level data transactions, like banks and stock exchanges, online retail sales or even utility firms, losses may be calculated in millions of dollars per minute.

Those are the results of ITIC’s 2013-2014 Technology Trends and Deployment Survey, an independent Web-based survey which polled over 600 organizations in May/June 2013. All categories of businesses were represented in the survey respondent pool: 37% were small/midsized (SMB) firms with up to 200 users; 28% came from the small/midsized (SME) enterprise sector with 201 to 1,000 users and 35% were large enterprises with over 1,000 users.

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