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In a clear indication of Apple’s continuing strength with business customers, a new survey of enterprise technology managers shows accelerating interest in purchasing first-time or additional Mac OS computers and iPhones. Satisfaction with the performance, reliability and security of Apple devices – particularly Mac hardware, OS X 10.x operating systems and the iPhone 3 and […]

Since January, the high technology industry has witnessed a dizzying spate of dueling, vendor product announcements. So what else is new? It’s standard operating procedure for vendors to regularly issue hyperbolic proclamations about their latest/greatest offering, even (or especially) when the announcements are as devoid of content as cotton candy is of nutritional value. Maybe […]

Microsoft did a very credible job at its TechEd conference in New Orleans last week, laying out the technology roadmap and strategy for a smooth transition from premises-based networks/services to its emerging Azure cloud infrastructure and software + services model. One of the biggest challenges facing Microsoft and its customers as it stands on the […]

The ongoing buzz surrounding cloud computing – particularly public clouds – is far outpacing actual deployments by mainstream users. To date only 14% of companies have deployed or plan to deploy a private cloud infrastructure within the next two calendar quarters. Instead, as businesses slowly recover from the ongoing economic downturn, their most immediate priorities […]

“Networks without Borders” are rapidly becoming the rule rather than the exception. The demand for all access all the time, along with the rapid rise in remote, telecommuting, part time and transient workers, has rendered network borders obsolete and made networks extremely porous. Today’s 21st Century networks more closely resemble sieves than citadels. Gone are […]

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