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Two out of five businesses – 40% – report that their major business applications require higher availability rates than they did two or three years ago. However an overwhelming 81% are unable to quantify the cost of downtime and only a small 5% minority of businesses are willing to spend whatever it takes to guarantee […]

These days just about every high technology vendor is “keen to be green.” However, few vendors can match IBM for its pioneering efforts and long term commitment to energy efficient solutions that are both good for the planet and good for recession racked enterprises. This week, IBM took another giant step in its green data […]

Apple Macintosh Enterprise Usage Continues to Grow Apple Mac and OS X 10.x continue to make inroads in the enterprise. ITIC’s 2009 Global IT and Technology Trends Survey shows that corporate enterprises continue to embrace the Apple Mac and OS X 10.x server operating system in numbers not seen since the late 1980s. ITIC polled […]

January 28th, 2009

Apple rang in 2009 by celebrating a trio of milestones that were impressive by any standards including those of a company whose 32-year span has been filled with a cornucopia of noteworthy events. In quick succession, Apple posted the best financial results in its history: during the just ended 2009 first fiscal quarter it achieved […]

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