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The most incredible deal of this holiday season — and one that customers will be hard pressed to refuse — is Stratus Technologies’ pledge of Zero downtime for customers or $50,000 cash back.
Here’s how it works: organizations that purchase any standard configuration of Stratus Technologies’ most current ftServer 6300 enterprise-class x86 fault tolerant server equipped with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and the required service contract, are eligible for $50,000 or product credit if the server hardware, Stratus system software or operating system failures cause unplanned downtime in a production environment within the guarantee period. The guarantee period lasts up to six months following server deployment. Stratus executives vow that there are no hidden clauses or trap doors in the guarantee.
Stratus Technologies, headquartered in Maynard, Ma. has built its reputation on delivering rock-solid reliability of 99.999% uptime. That’s the equivalent of less than one minute of per server downtime in a year! This is an admirable achievement by any standard.
The ftServer 6300 line is Powered by 2.93 GHz X5570 Intel Quad-Core Xeon™ processors, the ftServer 6300 is optimized for large data center multi-tasking applications with high transaction rates, such as credit card authorization processing, high speed ATM networks, and as a powerful engine for database applications and virtualization environments. A typical ftServer 6300 configuration can actually cost less than the value of the payout. The offer is open to customers worldwide, and the program ends Feb. 26, 2010.
Specifically, customers can choose from a custom version of the ftServer 6300 or one of two pre-configured bundled configurations. The ftServer 6300 Power Bundles #1 and #2 are robust, high-end configurations that consist of Microsoft Windows Server operating system, disk drives and supporting peripherals, with a significant package discount compared to individually priced system components. Other server models in the ftServer line are not included in this program.
Stratus Technologies’ decision to quite literally put its money where its mouth is is a bold move and one that the overwhelming majority of vendors would never consider. In fact, ITIC can’t recall any high tech hardware vendor in recent memory, offering these same terms. However, Roy Sanford, Stratus chief marketing officer, said the deal underscores confidence in Stratus Technologies is of its ability to deliver the highest levels — 99.999% uptime — or greater. “The Zero Downtime program is a show of confidence that our products consistently perform at the highest levels of availability. Our guarantee is right out there for all to see, customers and competitors alike.”
Corporate enterprises that are risk averse, those that demand the highest levels of uptime or those that are in a betting mood are well advised to check out the Terms and Conditions of Stratus Technologies offer. You’ve literally got nothing to lose. Stratus Technologies:

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